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(23/12/04) East Ward FOCUS Team Coordinator, Muhammad Ikram, gives his personal comment on the proposed development:


I am writing in regards the recent article that appeared in the Evening Telegraph and highlighted the fears of local residents that the proposed mega Warehouse would lead to noise and disturbance 24/7 from hundreds of lorries each day pouring onto Parnwell Way by Saltersgate.

After reading the article, Parnwell residents will be shocked, as I was, to hear Conservative Committee Chairman, Cllr. Graham Murphy, accuse them of ‘Nimbyism’.

How could he say this if he had really thought about the effect of his Committee’s decision to approve such a far-reaching proposal which is bound to cause massive congestion, not just on Parnwell Way, but in Oxney Road, Fengate and on the A47 around Eye?

Liberal Democrats are raising this issue because we think the residents who objected to this proposal had thought far more deeply about it than the Conservatives and other Parties on the Committee who voted for it.

I am also asking Cllr. Murphy what thousands of other Parnwell and East Peterborough residents cannot understand – why have the Planning and Highways rules been relaxed so much for Tesco’s giant scheme, when IKEA in Fletton had to have £10millions of Parkway access roads approved before they could even start building?

Now Cllr. Murphy and his Conservative majority have condemned Parnwell residents to having a 44-ton monster revving on to Parnwell Way every 2 ½ minutes, day and night, he adds insult to injury by labelling them as ‘Nimbys’.

Yours faithfully

Muhammad Ikram

18 Kesteven Walk


Peterborough PE1 5DR

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