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(08/11/08) Local residents living in Brookside (Werrington), are being urged to comment on potentially controversial proposals to build housing on the remaining land, that was once a school playing field, located to the rear of Fulbridge Road:

According to members of the South Werrington and North Gunthorpe FOCUS Team, Peterborough City Council are presently asking for comments on a proposals to build housing on the vacant land
between the allotments and the football field and or possibly build on the football field, itself.

Residents are being urged to express their thoughts and opinions through their website:


Commenting, Cllr Darren Fower said:

“There is obviously a need for affordable housing in this city.

“Liberal Democrats in Peterborough recognise the need to expand and to create more housing for local people and their families.

“However, such expansion must be at a rate which is economically and environmentally sustainable. People should be able to find jobs within a reasonable distance of their homes and have access both to a sustainable transport infrastructure and to green open space of high biodiversity value.

“Hence, I would urge people, no matter how short the comment, to submit their thoughts and opinions on these proposals.”

You can register your comments there and residents are urged to submit comments as soon as possible.

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