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(22/02/10) Hundreds of local residents living in and around John Clare recreational ground (between Hallfields Lane and Gunthorpe Road), have joined forces and signed a petition to say no to plans to build allotments on the green area, which would mean significant loss of ground and potential traffic woes. Local Lib Dem ward councilor, Darren Fower has been on the case:

As reported in the Evening Telegraph, the residents from Walton, Werrington, Gunthorpe and Paston are angry at Peterborough City Council,who have cited the area for the creation of 20 allotment sites, despite the areas popularity with dog-walkers, joggers and children.

Commenting, Darren told us:

“Liberal Democrats at the Town Hall have recently discovered that the Tory controlled Council is in desperate need of raising around £1.6 million from the sale of allotment land in the next financial year.

“Therefore, the plan seems to be that they sell off the allotment land at the end of Itter Crescent – presumably because they think it will fetch more money on the market – but they seem to have forgotten that they have a legal obligation to replace any lost allotments. Hence, they are now rushing around trying to find alternatives.

“This has led to a poor level of consultation and significant agitation of local tax payers, who are getting fed up with they way this local authority goes about things!”

Cllr Darren Fower will now be handing in the residents petition at the next Full Council meeting.

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