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(20/09/10) Residents in Paston, Werrington, Gunthorpe and Walton are being reminded that there a community police panel meeting for them to attend, to discuss any community issues that they deem important, is taking place on 30th November 2010:

The meeting will take place at Ken Stimpson Community School, Werrington, Assembly Hall from 19.00 hrs to 21.00 hrs (approx).

For a copy of the agenda or to pose a question/query please email David.Capano@Cambs.pnn.police.UK or call him on 07872 678203.

Map of Location: http://tiny.cc/mjh1n

Brief: A chance to meet Officers from your Neighbourhood Team, have a chat and raise any local issues or concerns.

Additional Information:

* Telephone the non emergency number 0345 456456 4

* Werrington Neighbourhood Police Team Webpage: http://www.cambs.police.uk/myneighbourhood/

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