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(24/03/11) Lib Dem parliamentary spokesperson for Peterborough, Cllr Nick Sandford gives his views on the budget, highlighting LIB DEM promises that have been kept:

Dear Letters Page,

One very positive item in the Chancellor’s budget this week was the proposal to further increase income tax thresholds and take large numbers of people out of tax completely.

Your readers may recall that in our General Election manifesto last year, a key pledge of the Liberal Democrats was that no-one should have to pay any income tax on the first £10,000 of their earnings. Now that Liberal Democrats are in Government, we are delivering on that.

Last year in his emergency budget, the Chancellor announced that from April 2010, the threshold for payment of basic rate tax would increase by £1000. So from this April, over 800,000 people who currently pay income tax will now have their liability reduced to zero. That will be a massive boost to the income of many low earning individuals and families, very welcome at a time when prices are rising and many people are finding it hard to cover basic living costs. And at the same time, every basic rate tax payer from 6 April will see their annual income tax bill drop by over £200.

This year the Government has gone further and said that from April 2012, the tax threshold will increase by a further £640 and the promise has been made (in the Coalition Agreement) that by 2015 the threshold will be increased to £10,000 …thus fully implementing the Lib Dem election promise.

Add to this the proposed new significantly enhanced old age pensions as a basic entitlement for everyone, the “Pupil Premium” giving more money to schools in deprived communities and the Government’s “Green New Deal”, in which millions of people will receive help with the cost of insulation and energy saving….. and it then becomes clear that Liberal Democrats in Government are delivering on our key commitments and improving the personal finances and the lives of millions of people throughout the United Kingdom.


Nick Sandford

Lib Dem parliamentary spokesperson for Peterborough

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  • wayne

    why do you continue to prop up cameron. is it the prospect of keeping your mortgage payments low by boosting unemployment. why as a party have you sold your integrity in exchange for a few crumby cabinet posts that no one cares about. your party will never attract votes again. i guess that is why you will hang in there for the full term. the deficit argument is fatuous, the uk has owed trillions for most of this century. tories spread misery and fear to make their own kind wealthy and more secure. you have no friends in peterborough. keep your heads down guys and get out of this doomed coalition. every proposal has turned sour. filthy rich tory governments have the power to devide the country, just look at what the scots think of your seedy alliance.  what happened to your principles? iam sure that not all libdems are as opportunist as ‘son of bank’ nick clegg. how ironic that clegg, nurtured by the wealth of the criminal banking sector, is supportive of the tory regime that ruthlessly destroys the livelihoods of folk, whilst protecting the richest. have you noticed the CONDEMS have stopped saying that their cuts are fair. i dont see the wealthy complaining about their tory buddies. Why is Clegg not in the tory party? oh i know it must be because he realised he could get ahead with you lot. its not turning out to well is it? instead of blowing his own trumpet why doesnt clegg just blow the party and join up with cameron and gideons club where he truly belongs. this ‘country’s interest’ argument just does not wash. the libdems made a huge mistake, allowing their party to be highjacked by the tories in exchange for short term glamour!!!!