By on August 3, 2011

After the Tory controlled Council announced proposals to remove a third of the trees on Bridge Street and following an interview on the Peterborough BBC Breakfast Show, with Lib Dem Group Leader on the City Council, Cllr Nick Sandford, Liberal Democrats locally have decided to hold the Council to account, by launching a PETITION for people in Peterborough to show their opposition!

The plans, that are presently “open” to consultation, have already received serious criticism from a range of city people.

Commenting, during the interview on the BBC Breakfast Show, Cllr Nick Sandford said:

“…Peterborough City Council…..has lots of positive green policies, that in a number of areas, when you look at what the Council actually does in practice, they don’t match up to their aspirations.

“You can look at the hospital site, where they chopped down over 1,000 trees. You can look at the 1,600 square metres of shrubs that have been torn out, all over Peterborough.”


“But we’ve got this one street in the city centre, [that you’ve] ….walked down there during the summer. It provides a really nice haven of tranquility. You can get shelter from the hot sun. And they want to take that away for no apparent reason!”

READ the full interview by CLICKING HERE!

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