By on August 11, 2011

‘Get Stanground Talking’ is a Facebook page, that claims to be for “.. people who live in Stanground, Peterborough and want to be part of an online community that works together to resolve issues and celebrates what’s good in their community.”

What do you mean you have not heard about it?????

Well it seems your in good company…….as despite a former parliamentary candidate making regular contributions, a number of local residents and variety of Stanground faces chipping in their views and comments to the page, which has (last time we looked) over 180 fans – NONE of those ‘TALKIN’ are Stanground Tory councillors!

Despite the page being created, by Peterborough City Council, administered by a well paid Council officer and the usual associated costs of maintaining the page, covered by YOU the local tax payer…… not one Stanground Central Councillor has bothered to join the page, liked it, contributed a comment or got “talking”!!!

One local resident via Twitter told us:

“PCC set up a Facebook Group – Get Stanground Talking, yet to my knowledge no elected Cllr has ever been on there!”

Strangely the former Tory leader of the Council HAS joined the page, despite representing Park Ward several miles away?

Have a look for yourself at the page – and feel free to leave us a comment below.

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  • baxter

    Its not for the benefit of stanground at all, its nothing more than an arena for councillors to make cheap digs at each other. Bit embarrassing really as the conversations wouldnt look out of place in a school playground.