Councils “Home of Environment Capital” slogan disappears from Town Hall reports!

By on September 10, 2011

Despite the City Council declaring that their intent to become the “Home of Environment Capital” and that they were proud of this slogan, papers for the latest Environment Capital meeting at the Town Hall showed there was no reference to it?

Commenting, committee member, Cllr Nick Sandford said:

“It is really interesting, as we always suspected this thing “Home of Environment Capital” was a slogan”

During a recent BBC Radio interview, Lib Dem group leader on Peterborough City Council, Cllr Sandford, also commented:

“But in terms of the amount of waste per head of population, a couple of years ago we were ranked 21st out of 21. We’re currently ranked 21st out of 21.

“We’ve got the Forest of Peterborough where we’re aspiring to plant loads of trees, yet they built the new hospital and they tore out a thousand trees. You’ve got Council officers going round, in 12 months they tore out 16,000 square metres of shrubs. We’ve got the issue going on with the trees in Bridge Street, where they want to take out a third of them. So I think sometimes their aspirations and their performance don’t match up.”

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