Your Peterborough – Once a YEAR + Just On-line?

By on May 8, 2012

From 6 editions to one online version - 'Your Peterborough'

According to the Tory controlled City Council’s website, “A special one-off edition of Your Peterborough, the council’s magazine for the city and villages of Peterborough, has been produced for 2012/13.”

The publication – available on-line – was previously produced 6 times a year at a cost of hundreds of thousands of£’s over the years, hence why Liberal Democrat city councillors called for its abolition for several years + making it a formal local party policy.

Presently, there’s no indication whether this this latest edition will end up being printed in hard copy and sent to homes throughout the city, but either way, one thing is clear, the Tories at the Town Hall have listened to the calls and campaigning by Liberal Democrat city councillors at the Town Hall and have stopped wasting thousands of £’s of taxpayers money on an ineffective publication and one that, in the main, was used for propaganda purposes.

About Peterborough Lib Dems

The Peterborough Liberal Democrats were formed in spring 1988 on merger of the old Liberal and Social Democratic parties. Life has often been a struggle but today it has emerged intact, boosted by electoral success and an expanding membership and with great prospects for the future!