Lincoln Road Parking Concerns

By on July 22, 2012

Local Lib Dem ward councillor Darren Fower, says he’s been contact by residents living along the old Lincoln Road, north of the Cock Inn, about their concerns regarding a handful of cars parking on the verges, causing a reduction in visibility when they exit their own driveways.

Commenting, Cllr Fower said:

“The residents tell me the problem is only due to a couple of properties, and their thought is that as each home has a driveway e.g. space for parking, then it should be used, and cars should not be left for days at a time on the road.

“The old Lincoln Road can sometimes be busy and whilst their are speed activated signs there, some drivers still speed along this stretch and hence visibility when exiting your property is important.”

Darren has now contacted the City Council to see what the present rules and regulations are for this stretch, and is also keen to hear from other residents on their thoughts and opinions.

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