Time to improve John Clare rec

By on August 13, 2012

Local Lib Dem councillor, Darren Fower, says its time that local councillors for the Paston, Walton and South Werrington ward to get together and look at ways of improving the well used and know, local recreational area of John Clare.

Commenting, Darren said, “Yes! There is a play area up near to the the pub, but that covers about 10% of the overall park area. The bridge is old, we need more dog waste bins in better locations, more general waste bins and more and better benches for all people to make use of and enjoy the area. The options for improvement are varied and I for one would welcome hearing from local residents as to their views on how the area can been improved?”

At a recent meeting of councillors from the local Area Committee, Darren put forward this suggestion with the majority of councillors supporting the proposal.

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