Dead fish in Cuckoos Hollow……… Environment Agency notified!

By on August 23, 2012

After reports from local residents of more dead fish floating on the surface of the waters of Cuckoos Hollow, local LIB DEM ward councillor Darren Fower has now payed a visit to the location and reported it the problem to the City Council and Environment Agency.

Commenting, Darren explained:

“I’ve received reports that fish have started to appear floating dead on the surface of the water, with most reports coming from around the bridge area. I suspect that the recent warm weather has played a part in their demise, but have taken the action of reporting the matter to the relevant authorities.

“In 2010, we received similar reports and the Environment kindly did some work and found that the cause was dissolved oxygen/ammonia, I suspect that this could be similar, but we must wait for the authorities to respond.”

Read the report from 2010 click here!

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