Fraud & Coercion

Evidence of an increase in exploitation of migrants in Peterborough, where unscrupulous, employers, exploiting vulnerable new arrivals to the area by isolating them from the local community and controlling them by providing over-crowded housing and transport to work in the fast food industry

These victims then gain very little in return for their labour and the traffickers take a large      proportion of the wages and sometimes passports in return. Workers then often ended up in debt to the rouge Bosses giving them more leverage over the exploited workers and their money, and are often used to perpetrate fraud.

Most recently convictions and arrests made relating to exploitation and trafficking in Peterborough has made the headlines Dutch Bangla Direct Ltd are accused of selling over 100 tonnes of the low-cost white meat to takeaways and shops.

This company has made £250,000 in profit by fraudulent actions and not making its correct contributions to HMRC

Council believes that we need, as a council and as a city to have a more robust method of detecting and dealing with this kind of activity.

Council therefore calls upon relevant cabinet member to work in partnership with the POLICE and relevant Government and local agencies to protect migrants and others from these forms of exploitation and to report back to Council on progress which is being made.

We need to do more to prevent the challenges that is being faced  here in Peterborough of human trafficking, and wholesalers profiteering from selling a product that it isn’t, which is in the food chain on the high streets  we need  to protect  paying customers, furthermore identify if any persons was ill or treated for eating a substance that was not lamb, and to quickly identify those amongst us who are   vulnerable communities currently who are being exploited in our city, to work in these outlets

I would like to see this council agree to support me in this motion to have a working group to implement or introduce measures to identify and restrict this type of activity happening in Peterborough to help reducing the time frame getting such cases into court and aiding our trading standards team effectively.

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