£10,000,000 to refit RAF Voyager aircraft as PM’s private jet

No more coach class for the Camerons

While Austerity continues to bite further into the poorest sections of our society. The Conservatives have come up with another scheme for reducing costs, spending £10M on refitting a RAF Voyager air to air refuelling aircraft. These aircraft were purchased in 2012 at a staggering cost of £152M each  (Read more about how they could purchased them for a third of that price  >>HERE<<)

RAF’s Voyager air to air tanker aircraft

Previously when Tony Blair was PM, he muted plans for a ‘Blair Force One’ at a cost of £100M for two aircraft to be shared with the Royal Family, the Conservatives criticised the idea at the time saying it was the “wrong moment to be splashing out taxpayers’ money on funding the government to travel in style”.

A government source is quoted as saying  “This is about saving taxpayers’ money. There will be upfront costs but by using a refitted RAF Voyager instead of chartering private aircraft for each long-distance trip, we will save taxpayers around £775,000 a year.”

But wait, if savings are expected to be £775k /yr that means the £10M conversion cost will take  almost 13 years before and actual cost savings will be achieved. That is of course assuming the conversion runs to budget and that the cost of maintenance of the aircraft doesn’t increase over the 13 years of flying.