People Power Should Prevail on Bridge Street Trees

Last year the Tory controlled City Council announced plans to remove a 1/3 of tress from Bridge Street. In response, the Liberal Democrats at the Town Hall launched a petition. Over 190 residents, local business owners and taxpayers signed the petition! Lib Dem councillors then formally presented the petition at a Full Council meeting, leading to the Councils Strong and Supportive Communities Scrutiny Committee (Wednesday 14 September 2011) being informed by then director of Communications Andrew Mackintosh, that they would re-open part of a public consultation into works on Bridge Street which specifically referred to the trees in this area. And the results are now in! Nearly 60% of consultees[…]

Offensive graffiti request sent to the Council

Liberal Democrat ward councillor for this area, Darren Fower, says he has now reported some offensive graffiti located on a green box, situated in Hawkshead Way (North Gunthorpe). Commenting, Darren said: “I’d rather not go into details as to what some of the graffiti portray, suffice as to say that its not desirable imagery for what is a very nice suburban setting.” If you know of any graffiti issue in your street, then please do report it to the city council. You can do so by clicking here! Darren says he believes the green box is something to do with the local telephone exchange system?