76,300 people in Peterborough have their income tax bill CUT by £600 a year!

Amidst all the doom and gloom about benefit changes, you might be interested to know that from NOW, 76,300 people (i.e. all basic rate tax payers) in Peterborough will see a cut in their income tax bill of £600 a year or £50 each month! Commenting, Liberal Democrat Group Leader on the City Council, Nick Sandford, said: “Since 2010, 6220 people in Peterborough who were previously paying income tax, now pay nothing at all! The total savings in income tax for Peterborough people since the 2010 election have been a staggering £45,780,000. “This has all happened through implementation of the pledges in the Lib Dem manifesto by the Coalition Government. Nick Clegg said that by 2015,[…]