“Stressful” Council staff surveyed for their thoughts

This week, City Council employees received an email asking them to fill in the annual staff survey, with a message from Chief Executive, Gillian Beasley. In the message, Gillian said: “Few of you will need reminding from me that we are working through a particularly challenging time for local government. “In the face of the current cutbacks and general public sector austerity, all of us are being challenged to work harder and find more effective and efficient ways of doing things. “I am in no doubt that many of you find this stressful and may feel uncertain about what the future holds. There is no denying that things are difficult.”[…]

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Your Liberal Democrat FOCUS Team wants to know what you think about local issues. We want your views so that we can campaign to get the City Council and other public authorities to do what you think needs doing here in your area. Figures are up to 20th July 2014