Peterborough railway station

Peterborough needs an integrated transport policy

“We need a city council that has higher ambitions for our city than just a ‘dormitory with warehouses’ and part of that must be to improve all our transport links” says Peterborough Liberal Democrat vice chairman Peter Chivall in a recent article in the Peterborough Telegraph. Local Liberal Democrats support many aspects of the strategic economic plan published earlier this year by the  Local Enterprise Partnership. The transport section of that plan included promotion of roads improvements but it gave equal weight to the need to improve our rail links, both on the East Coast Main line and cross country to Ely, Ipswich and Cambridge. In the context of ‘expansion beyond Cambridge of[…]

Peterborough City Council

Call for Top Bosses Pay Cut!

Lib Dem Group leader on the City Council, Cllr Nick Sandford, has called on council directors and senior officers at the Council to set an example and show commitment to tackling the Council’s massive budget deficit by taking a cut in their own pay. At a meeting of the latest Employment Committee, Nick asked the committee to request all officers earning over £100,000 a year to accept an immediate 15% cut in their salary. The meeting was called after a public outcry following a secret meeting of the committee back in February which pushed through increases in pay of up to to 25% for some senior officers, allegedly justified by them[…]