2015 General Election candidates selected! #VoteFower


Cllr Darren Fower

Darren has been delivering for well over a decade!

Well known City Councillor and local activist, Darren Fower, has has been elected by members of the Peterborough Liberal Democrats, to be their party candidate in the 2015 General Election for the Peterborough constituency, on May 7th.

The vote at a recent hustings meeting, held at the Newark Hotel, on Eastfield Rd, also saw members select Cllr Nick Sandford as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the North West Cambridgeshire constituency.

Commenting after the meeting, Darren said:

“I have spent my working life in a variety of roles in Peterborough, and am in my ninth year at the locally based charity Shine.

“I’ve also been a city councillor for over a decade and this has helped me interact with a variety of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and campaign on behalf residents on a range of issues.

Cllr Darren Fower and others

Cllr Darren Fower was elected the FIRST EVER Lib Dem councillor for South Werrington and North Gunthorpe in 2004. he has since defended hi seat three times.

“I became involved with the Liberal Democrats in 2000, as I was fed up and disillusioned with Labour and the Tories, but also because the Lib Dems have policies that make sense, are effective and are fair.

“Today, the Labour and Conservative parties, in my view, are still failing to listen to the local electorate and fail to deliver on their promises.

“I believe people in Peterborough want someone who is representative, fair and effective in Parliament? I believe an MP for this city should make sure their voice is heard and clearly and hold the City Council to account on their schemes. In the main, I believe politics is about people.

Darren Fower at Werrington

When Darren was first elected to the Council he became the youngest EVER city councillor in Peterborough’s history!

“I will do my utmost to meet as many residents of the constituency as possible, to listen to their views, concerns and aspirations in order to be better able to represent them.”

Cllr Nick Sandford

Nick Sandford has been councillor for the Walton ward since 1996 and has stood as parliamentary candidate three times before.

Newly elected Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North West Cambridgeshire, Cllr Nick Sandford added:

“We have to tell people about the things the Lib Dem’s have achieved in Government, because if we don’t tell them, no-one else will.

“Tell them about the 3 million of the lowest paid people in Britain who no longer have pay income tax, tell them about the £2.5 Billion invested in schools in our most socially deprived areas through the “Pupil Premium”, the largest ever cash increases in old age pensions and above all the economic stability created by halving the country’s budget deficit.

“There is much more that we can do. This election is not going to be easy for Liberal Democrats but we are starting from a solid basis of second place in North West Cambs. And that gives us a solid basis to take a big step forward in the constituency at this election.”

Percentage increase of vote numbers

The Liberal Democrats are the only one of the main three political parties to enjoy a % increase in number of votes they’ve received at each of the last 4 general Elections!