Happy New Year! You may have seen my many recent Facebook posts regarding Gunthorpe Primary School, Norwood Primary School and Welbourne Primary School. Before Christmas I have received many complaints from residents , parents and carers about the parking situations which surround these three schools. With concerns raised over many factors including the safety in general, the traffic the parking causes, the risks imposed with the parking that takes place, the lack of parking and most importantly the SAFETY of the CHILDREN. Parking is mainly an issue during pick up and drop off times as I am sure you are all well aware. I received some queries and concerns towards[…]

More Cuts on the Horizon

  Peterborough City Council has proposed to cut terms and conditions in 2016/2017. It was believed that this was a one – off and austerity continued, they intend to introduce further cuts in 2017/2018. Here we are again, 12 months on, with a city council controlled again by the Tories who have mandated further cuts and, in doing so, have place a gun to the head of its employees. If agreement cannot be reached, they will dismiss their employees and re-engage them on new terms and conditions, which to begin with included. Reduction in Occupational Sick Pay ( no sick pay for the first 3 days of any absence and[…]