Pyramid Centre to be Sold

The site in North Bretton consists of six commercial retail units, a pub and a car park, and one of the tenants is Bretton Parish Council which has an office there. It was due to be sold before March 2018 but this date has now been brought forward The council said it was not prepared to commit to the necessary reinvestment of the site, and that on expiry of the existing leases “there is no guarantee too that the council will be able to re-let.” The council said the expected sale price of between £250,000 and £500,000 will be reinvested in public services. That remains to be seen other historical[…]

Classroom Cams

Classroom cams Consequently, it may surprise you to know that front line teachers in two schools in the UK are already using body cameras to deter bad behaviour in the classroom. Industry sources have also told me how they are working to develop and support body cameras for use in “non-enforcement” including schools,environments. While body cameras have been in use outside UK classrooms for school crossing patrols for a while, this move towards teachers wearing cameras in the classroom is a relatively recent development. Both schools are using the body cameras in line with education board approved policy and guidelines, meaning that all footage is recorded with government approved encryption.[…]