Funbase Imminent Closure

Funbase Gunthorpe Family Centre  is a service placement for day care services, which supports 147 children whilst parents are at work locally and outside the borough, Funbase as been given a extension till the 18th Aug to enable parents to find a suitable placement for their children. The Local Authority PCC has looked into other options; Gunthorpe School have been unable to assist due to having no capacity while Norwood school is looking at a long term solution for provisions for an “out of school club”. A number of Local parents at Funbase has formed an “Action Group” with the view to exhaust all options to SAVE OUR FUNBASE. They[…]

Imminent Cuts on its way

In the UK the tax year begins on April 6.  What is about to happen is a severe attack on women’s welfare. Parents will no longer be able to claim tax credits for more than two children – unless they can prove that    subsequent children were   a consequence of rape or a coercive relationship relationship! And while the whole change will hurt women the most, that exception was pushed through by statutory instrument without even a vote in parliament. This is a resolute line of action from a UK government in 2017; where Prime Minister Theresa May has repeatedly expressed her commitment to helping poorer households. How is she?[…]