800 fly-tips every month costing more than £200,000

Fly-tipping doesn’t just happen in the city!

According to information released by Peterborough City Council, “The council clears around 800 fly-tips every month costing more than £200,000 annually; money which could otherwise be spent on vital public services. In June this year the fire service was called to almost 40 deliberate fires involving fly-tipped waste in Peterborough, spending 720 hours in total tackling the fires.”

To address this ongoing and ever increasing problem, the same Tories at the Town Hall, who introduced two weekly bin collections, charges at the tip, scrapped community skips and have failed to reduce the amount of waste our city generates ………… have decided to:

  1. Run a series of events taking place within the worst affected communities in a bid to prevent fly-tipping. The campaign will be called The #LovePeterborough.
  2. Whilst, the local authority’s Prevention and Enforcement Service will be providing information on how people can report fly-tipping and dispose of their waste responsibly.

Some of the things I’d like the City Council to be doing, to help reduce and deal with fly-tipping include:

  • Prevent access to known areas by installing gates and barriers. These can be in keeping with the natural environment, e.g. in the form of boulders and bunds and make sure you are not permanently blocking a public right of way.
  • Make sure gates are closed when not in use.
  • Improve visibility so that fly-tippers are not hidden from view – limited clearing of areas or small-scale re-landscaping can reduce hidden corners.
    Install or improve lighting.
  • Prosecution – encourage local residents to report fly-tipping and collect evidence via incentives. Successful prosecutions are a strong deterrent to potential fly-tippers.
  • Consider installing CCTV.
  • Consider employing professional security patrols.
  • Signage – put up signs to deter potential fly-tippers e.g. ‘CCTV cameras in operation’, ’This site is protected by XXX Security’, ‘No tipping – Maximum Penalty upon conviction £50,000’ and move them around to keep tippers on their toes. And make sure the messages are in more than just English, with strong imagery!
  • I’d also like to see the Council speaking with those people who’ve been prosecuted for fly-tipping and ask them why they did it, then collate such responses and include the info in future schemes to reduce fly-tipping!

………. it might also be worth creating a Peterborough Fly-tipping Facebook group? #JustaThought

Fly-tipping can be reported by calling 01733 747474 or @Ask_PCC