9,073 jobs in Peterborough reliant on membership to EU #StrongerIn


Did you read the YouGov poll published recently claiming Peterborough was the 2nd most Eurosceptic place in the country?

What utter tosh! We are a city that celebrates our diversity, through daily neighbourly contact to annual festivals in the city centre! All this poll was doing, was playing up to the image our city has to those who don’t live here!


And here’s why:

  • First and foremost, YouGov only asked 207 people! That equates to 0.13% of the city’s population.
  • Why was Peterborough seperated out from the rest of Cambridgeshire? Why wasn’t Cambridge seperated out?
  • If around 200 local people’s opinion now equals the truth, then it must be time to scrap the mayor’s car! According to my on-line campign?
  • The Council themselves even admit, their tough financial situation has been helped by “expansion” which comes as a result of migration, i.e. more people working and paying Council Tax.
  • Previous research shows that some 9,073 jobs in Peterborough are reliant on membership to the EU. I’d expect this figure to now be even bigger!
  • While in the 2014 EU election in Peterborough, 5 out of the 10 political parties that stood were anti Europe, they received 17,545 votes in total, equating to just 38% of the total votes cast! In fact, there were more REJECTED ballot papers, then votes for the NO2EU candidate!


The real problems in Peterborough are not to do with the EU, andmore to do with the incompetency of the Conservatives at the Town Hall over the last 15 years.

Problems like:

  • Failure to build enough new affordable homes,
  • to develop the local economy,
  • to attract serious sized employers,
  • to ensure there are enough schools places in the city,
  • to maintain basic services to Council tax payers etc

But, rather than admit they were wrong, they’d rather blame the EU!

But these are the same bods, who closed down schools like Bretton Woods, Honehill etc And now they are having to borrow millions and millions of £’s to provide additional school places or give building extensions to local schools! And yes, you’re children will be paying back the money!