Throughout Peterborough, the Lib Dems work hard all year round, knocking on doors, delivering leaflets and attending council meetings. Local democracy is essential to a city, and as Peterborough continues to grow at this rapid rate we must ensure that we are at the heart of this growth, steering the Council to encourage sustainable and viable growth, while also tackling important issues head on. 

If you are interested in getting involved with the Lib Dems in Peterborough you should get in touch with our dedicated Councillors and campaigns team. 

In your local area, if there are any issues, or you just want to find out who your Lib Dem representatives are - you can find them here

We are passionate about politics, and work hard for Peterborough. The Liberal Democrats will continue to represent you and will always have time for any issues you may have. Please do contact us if you have any concerns.