Action on Norwood Lane REQ #Video

We’ve paid several site visits to Norwood Lane and spoken with local residents!

Cllr Julia Davidson and myself were recently contacted by residents of the Traveller Site, on Norwood Lane, regarding the atrocious build up of fly-tipping along the road leading in via Newborough Road.

We’ve now paid several site visits, spoken with local residents, the site manager, the Council and of course requested action is taken to address the matter.

The sad fact is that the problem has been ongoing for some 30 years and tidy up operation are estimated to cost Peterborough City Council around £60,000 a year!

To date, countless councillors and Council Officers have said they’ll do something and then taking little or no action.

These people pay their Council Tax, their site rent and work, yet they tell us they have sporadic bin collections, dire drainage, no street lights, and are fearful that emergency services like fire engines simply cannot reach them.

If this location was occupied by any other ethnic minority, this would be an absolute crime.

Sadly, the Traveller and Gypsey community, have become used to being neglected, stigmatised and overlooked by elite members of the Peterborough community.