Additional tax cut for 25m workers!


Every year for the last three years Lib Dems in government have fought to make sure that the budget delivers tax cuts for working people.

Now, we’ve got to do the same again.

We’ve come a long way already, delivering a £700 tax cut for over 25 million workers. But we’ve had to fight the Conservatives every step of the way to get these tax cuts on the agenda, every year, at every budget.

This year is no different.

Commenting, Local Lib Dem city councillor, Darren Fower said:

“Unlike Labour and the Conservatives, the national Lib Dems want to deliver an additional £100 tax cut for those 25 million workers, who’ve already benefited from the £700 break that’s already been agreed.”

Liberal Democrat Treasury Secretary Danny Alexander MP​, added:

“On their own, the Tories would not be cutting taxes for working people. I know because I have been in the room, time and time again, trying to force them to do it.

“The Conservatives have always had different priorities. In 2010 they wanted inheritance tax cuts for millionaires and in 2013 a tax break for married couples which excludes millions of working people.

“So far over 10,000 people have backed our campaign to cut tax for working people. Will you join them and help us go even further?”

The next budget is on the 19th of March. Add your name to our tax campaign by simply CLICKING HERE!

By adding your name today you’ll be helping us deliver another £100 tax cut for working people.