Peterborough faces relegation!

But we’re not talking football and not just Peterborough: Theresa May struggles with fellow Conservatives to agree how to demote ourselves from the Premier league to the Championship. Jeremy Corbyn is no different, Labour says what it thinks people want to hear, but doesn’t plan to deliver. Labour is split like the Conservatives: Tony Blair said last weekend “stopping Brexit is the key national priority”, “more important than Labour winning the next election”. Peter Mandelson admitted last Sunday that Brexit is not “some natural phenomenon we are consigned to live with” “we must insist on the democratic right to change our minds”. But their problem is that despite support from[…]

Selective Licensing

Every school nativity play has Landlords turning a pregnant couple away, so let’s all support Peterborough Council’s plan to help local Landlords follow all the relevant laws and best practice, so our housing is fit to live in and we can all build our community. Consultation deadline 14 January@