Tim Farron on the Queen’s Speech

A  Liberal Democrat Queen’s Speech for the Next Generation. The future is full of opportunity, as technology changes the way we work and live. There are also huge challenges. Creating an education system that enables the next generation to reach their full potential. Adapting our changing economy. Tackling climate change. Liberal Democrats are the party of optimism, eager to improve the lives of our children and grandchildren and to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to succeed. We believe that a responsible Government should be delivering on challenges yet to come, not just dodging tomorrow’s headlines or reliving the battles of the past. That is why our Queen’s Speech is one[…]

Lib Dem’s response to the Budget 2016

Commenting on the Budget, Liberal Democrat Economics Spokesperson Susan Kramer said: “This is George Osborne’s sweet and sour budget. His sugar tax may seem sweet, but his hidden cuts are sour. This is not a long term economic plan, it is a short term economic scam. “He has missed his targets and is making ordinary people pick up the pieces. Once again his words simply don’t match his actions. “He said he wouldn’t fix the figures to fit the plan, but he has cut vital spending to fit his own arbitrary and unnecessary spending surplus. “He said his budget would act now so we don’t pay later. But he has[…]

Community Matters

Watch our new video about Liberals across the United Kingdom making a difference in their community, it’s not just Peterborough that we work hard ALL year round, so come on what are YOU waiting for, join the caring party and make YOUR community a better place Love it? Join the Liberal Democrats today as a member from £1 per month: http://www.libdems.org.uk/join

Chairman calls for Lib Dem members to help with Council Elections 2016

We are currently looking for Lib Dem volunteers to put themselves forward as ‘paper’ candidates in this year’s council elections. These are for non target wards currently but the number of votes that we get will determine which wards to target in subsequent elections. Please consider standing for this as it is vital for the future progression of the Local Party. Please complete the form and return to Beki, our local secretary, at 21 Princes St PE1 2QP or rlsellick@hotmail.com before Saturday 16th January . We will then follow up with a quick chat on Wednesday 20th January. 2016 candidate application form

Calling for Volunteers

The Peterborough Lib Dems are looking to expand our Focus Team for the Hamptons and Hempstead. Local campaigners Chris Wiggins, Daniel Gibbs & Christian Hogg are looking to build on the success of Lib Dem councillors in Walton, South Werrington and Gunthorpe wards of the City in providing local communities with targeted representation on the City’s council. We need local residents that care about their community to help us with various tasks to achieve success in the upcoming elections in May 2016. Tasks we need help with are: Delivering our Focus Newsletters throughout Hampton and Hempsted Conducting Residents Surveys Canvassing local residents If you are interested or just want to[…]

Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron MP on why we need to extend the RAF bombing of Daesh to Syria

Tim Farron has made a passionate speech in the House of Commons  about why he is backing action against ISIL in Syria.     “I cannot stand in this House and castigate the PM for not taking enough refugees, and for Britain not standing tall in the rest of the world and opening our arms to the desperate, if we don’t do everything in our power to combat and eradicate that which is the source of their terror.” Why the Liberal Democrats backed action in Syria 01 DECEMBER, 2015 @ 9:29 PM Last week Tim Farron wrote to the Prime Minister, together with Nick Clegg, Paddy Ashdown, Ming Campbell, Kirsty[…]