Dog on Dog Incident

Dog owners should be responsible people,  they should have complete control of their dogs when they are around  out in the community; around other dogs, children, adults and Posties. Dogs are instinctively dangerous and their owners have a part to play in the dog’s behaviour. 25% of all households now own a dog, so how much can we trust them? The message I want to get out there is that I am asking this council to educate all dog owners. Peterborough should have a dedicated specialist, someone to deal with cases as they arise. Vets, Police, owners and Peterborough City Council could look at introducing a fixed penalties for dogs that[…]


Banner-waving protesters were incensed with the council still having elected member Cllr A Coles carrying out his duties, as demonstrated when they disrupted a council meeting with loud protests earlier this evening, Councillors arrived at Peterborough City Council to attend the Full Council meeting and were met by protesters at the back of the Town Hall.  Their banners, abuse and chants of “shame on you” were demanding that Cllr A Coles quit. At one point as tensions reached boiling point, the mayor Cllr John Fox halted proceedings for five minutes, then tried to reconvene the meeting but to no avail.  The protests continued with chants to have Cllr Coles suspended from[…]

Hackney Cab & Private Hire

ALL Drivers are issued with a badge which must be worn at all times when carrying out their duties, New Hackney and Private Hire must have: A valid driving licence Be a fit and proper person Compliant and understand the relevant laws Have a good knowledge of the Peterborough area with a good standard of driving. Ensure that their passengers are are travelling safely Critical Failure Have a health Check A requirement to display information within all licensed vehicles Introduction of three stage trigger point monitoring system for drivers. DBS   Currently, if a vehicle of the appointed age (Hackney carriage 12 years, Private hire 8 years) fails a mechanical[…]

Funbase Imminent Closure

Funbase Gunthorpe Family Centre  is a service placement for day care services, which supports 147 children whilst parents are at work locally and outside the borough, Funbase as been given a extension till the 18th Aug to enable parents to find a suitable placement for their children. The Local Authority PCC has looked into other options; Gunthorpe School have been unable to assist due to having no capacity while Norwood school is looking at a long term solution for provisions for an “out of school club”. A number of Local parents at Funbase has formed an “Action Group” with the view to exhaust all options to SAVE OUR FUNBASE. They[…]

Imminent Cuts on its way

In the UK the tax year begins on April 6.  What is about to happen is a severe attack on women’s welfare. Parents will no longer be able to claim tax credits for more than two children – unless they can prove that    subsequent children were   a consequence of rape or a coercive relationship relationship! And while the whole change will hurt women the most, that exception was pushed through by statutory instrument without even a vote in parliament. This is a resolute line of action from a UK government in 2017; where Prime Minister Theresa May has repeatedly expressed her commitment to helping poorer households. How is she?[…]

Who’s exempt from council tax ?

 There are a number of reasons why someone could be exempt from council tax. If someone’s severely mentally impaired,they will be exempt  if both of the following apply. You have to be medically certified as being severely mentally impaired.  If you have Dementia,Parkinson’s severe learning difficulties or had a Stroke. They’re eligible for at least one of the following benefits: ( these aren’t all means-tested, and you don’t actually need to claim any benefits to get the discount). -Attendance allowance under the Sec 64 of the Social Security Contributions & Benefits Act -Severe disablement allowance -The highest or middle rate of the care component of a disability living allowance –[…]

Fraud & Coercion

Evidence of an increase in exploitation of migrants in Peterborough, where unscrupulous, employers, exploiting vulnerable new arrivals to the area by isolating them from the local community and controlling them by providing over-crowded housing and transport to work in the fast food industry These victims then gain very little in return for their labour and the traffickers take a large      proportion of the wages and sometimes passports in return. Workers then often ended up in debt to the rouge Bosses giving them more leverage over the exploited workers and their money, and are often used to perpetrate fraud. Most recently convictions and arrests made relating to exploitation and trafficking in[…]

Are there any limits on council tax increases?

In 2012, the government introduced a rule which means that any proposal to increase council tax by 2% For the first three years, councils were given a further incentive to avoid council tax rises all together. The government gave “freeze grants” to councils that didn’t impose any increase – worth the equivalent of a 1% tax rise each year. Those grants have now come to an end. However a higher figure of 5%, before a referendum is triggered, has become a factor this time round because of the introduction of the social care precept. And this could see a increase every year up to and including the financial year 2019-2020[…]

Has the Theatre been SOLD

  A decision on whether to give planning permission to convert the Broadway Theatre into 67 apartments has been delayed.   Why? More money is being asked for or as the building already been SOLD A new decision date has not yet been decided. The application includes proposals for two retail units and car parking spaces, The future of the iconic theatre on Broadway remains uncertain.  

Gas Escape

Footpath leading from Fulbridge Road to Aster Drive, during recent weeks had issues with a strong smell of Gas, the National Grid has been investigating the area which is now cordoned off. There is plenty of information boards advising pedestrians to not smoke on entering this footpath during the day, the information notices can be seen but during the late evening/ night the visibility of the notices is poor due to lack of  adequate lightning we have reported the need for good lighting to this location to date so far this is still a issue, I will address the lighting situation again with Peterborough City Council. To view a map[…]