Lib Dem membership in #Pboro up 50% since end of last year!

I’m very proud to say that Liberal Democrats in Peterborough have seen a surge in new members over the past 8 months, with over 200+ signed up members now in the city! This news comes as the Liberal Democrats have reached their highest ever membership nationally, with over 101,768 members! You can join the Boro Lib Dems for as little as £1 a month! Simply visit: Did you know …… Over 50,000 members have joined since last year’s EU referendum! Since I joined the Liberal Democrats 17+ years ago, I’ve seen membership grow by 80% in Peterborough. Liberal Democrats are the main challengers in Peterborough, providing a strong and united opposition to the Conservative controlled City[…]

Gunthorpe Ward: Safer Peterborough Speed Signs (Councillor Bond)

FANTASTIC NEWS FOR GUNTHORPE RESIDENTS!  Like many wards in Peterborough and of course all over the world, Gunthorpe is faced with the many motorists which deem it appropriate to SPEED. One of my first pieces of casework when I was elected back in May 2016; was the implementation of the 30mph speed limit signs at the beginning of Manor Drive (See Below). Manor Drive is a fast growing estate in Gunthorpe, located adjacent to Paston Parkway…however despite the speeding it was yet to have any speed provisions implemented. Before Christmas, Manor Drive was lucky enough to receive Speed Bumps as an extra provision to help tackle the on going issues[…]

#RunawayHorses : Update

Do you live in Gunthorpe, Drive through Gunthorpe or Live Locally?  Have you noticed the Mischievous Horses that keep escaping on to Manor Drive and Paston Parkway? You may have seen my previous posts in regards to the #RunawayHorses. Whilst out and about in the ward last year I was stunned to find a Horse wandering around on Paston Parkway towards the centre of the Gunthorpe Roundabout ( You can read the original post on my Facebook Page or Blog by looking for #RunawayHorses). Luckily on this occasion along with other residents I managed to bring the Horse to safety and reunite the Horse with it’s owner. However unfortunately, even though[…]

WHAT!! Actually ask #Peterborough people their thoughts + opinions??? @PeterboroughCC

Q: The difference between Tory controlled Peterborough City Council and the Peterborough Liberal Democrats? A: We ACTUALLY want YOUR thoughts and opinions! 🙂 A new project by Peterborough Liberal Democrats entitled Peterborough Policy Proposals, headed by local councillor, Darren Fower, is asking people to take a few seconds to submit their policy thoughts or ideas for the Peterborough Lib Dems to adopt as formal policy on which to fight for during the May 2014 local election campaign. Commenting, Darren said: “It’s time that people in Peterborough had a say on the local issues that they experience each and every day! Liberal Democrats obviously have national policies, but our local members want[…]

“A new era for the Peterborough Liberal Democrats!” #LibDems #Peterborough

On Saturday 7th of December 2013,  a NEW chapter in the history if the Peterborough Liberal Democrats took place! Senior members formally agreed to the amalgamation of the Peterborough constituency and the branch of the North West Cambs that covers south of the river Nene! “We are now happy to say we officially cover the whole of Peterborough,” said Peterborough Lib Dems Chair, Mike Holland. Commenting, Liberal Democrat City Councillor, Darren Fower, said: “It was great to see so many new faces and the energy in the room helped remind me what we are all doing this for. There were significant proposals put forward as to strategy and some of[…]

Peter to be president – again

Peter Boizot MBE – the Peterborough-born founder of Pizza Express and former owner of Peterborough United Football Club – has been elected as president of the Peterborough Liberal Democrats for a three year period. 82 year old Mr Boizot has been president of the local political party for the past 12 years. It is a largely honorary role with limited involvement in the day-to-day running of the party. Mr Boizot has been a long-term supporter of the Liberal Democrats and, before that, of the old Liberal Party. He stood as the Liberal Party candidate for Peterborough in the two general elections held in 1974. Commenting on his re-election to the[…]


Members of the Peterborough Liberal Democrats will be off to Birmingham this weekend for the party’s autumn conference which starts on Saturday and runs until Wednesday of next week. Topics for debate and discussion at the conference are wide-ranging and the Peterborough delegates will be involved in as many of them as possible – from the health service to education and from tackling violence against women to phone hacking.  And, of course, the economy. In his foreword to the conference agenda Lib Dem party leader Nick Clegg has written: “We’ve been in government in Westminster for 500 days:500 days of delivery. Liberal principles underpinning Liberal Democrat policies in national government.[…]


Peterborough Liberal Democrats have become the first ever local political party to share their local calendar with the people in Peterborough. The calendar details City Council meetings, police meetings and community group/association meetings and will also include local Liberal Democrat activities and meetings. To view the calendar simply click Anyone wishing to have their event in clued on the calendar should email The calendar can also be viewed and accessed via the homepage via the menu options at the top of the page!  

Peterborough LIB DEM 100 Club

WIN CASH PRIZES AND SUPPORT ‘LIBERAL’ POLITICS IN PETERBOROUGH The 100 Club exists to raise money for two different political parties that share a common heritage and a belief in individual freedom. For just £1 per month you could win cash prizes in our monthly draw. Half the money paid in subscriptions is paid out in prizes each month – that’s much better odds than the National Lottery! The other half of the money paid in subscriptions is given to the Peterborough Liberal Party and the Peterborough Liberal Democrats. You can decide which party to support when you take out a subscription! The minimum subscription is £1 per month. However, the[…]

Dynamic new look local executive

Local Peterborough Lib Dem party members have now voted for their local executive for the forthcoming year. The election of officers is took place at this year’s Annual General Meeting, held at the Great Northern Hotel. Here is your chance to see some of the faces: The meeting, attended by senior local figures, city councillors, existing executive members and local party members, witnessed a review of a highly productive year, in regards events, fundraising and campaigns. Peter Boizot once again received the position of Honorary President and Sheila Walsh accepted her third term as Chair. But, there are now new faces on board. For example, the position of Vice Chair[…]