Gunthorpe Ward: Safer Peterborough Speed Signs (Councillor Bond)

FANTASTIC NEWS FOR GUNTHORPE RESIDENTS!  Like many wards in Peterborough and of course all over the world, Gunthorpe is faced with the many motorists which deem it appropriate to SPEED. One of my first pieces of casework when I was elected back in May 2016; was the implementation of the 30mph speed limit signs at the beginning of Manor Drive (See Below). Manor Drive is a fast growing estate in Gunthorpe, located adjacent to Paston Parkway…however despite the speeding it was yet to have any speed provisions implemented. Before Christmas, Manor Drive was lucky enough to receive Speed Bumps as an extra provision to help tackle the on going issues[…]

#RunawayHorses : Update

Do you live in Gunthorpe, Drive through Gunthorpe or Live Locally?  Have you noticed the Mischievous Horses that keep escaping on to Manor Drive and Paston Parkway? You may have seen my previous posts in regards to the #RunawayHorses. Whilst out and about in the ward last year I was stunned to find a Horse wandering around on Paston Parkway towards the centre of the Gunthorpe Roundabout ( You can read the original post on my Facebook Page or Blog by looking for #RunawayHorses). Luckily on this occasion along with other residents I managed to bring the Horse to safety and reunite the Horse with it’s owner. However unfortunately, even though[…]

St George’s Community Hydrotherapy Pool

St Georges Community Hydrotherapy Pool  Back in December I was lucky enough to be asked to visit St George’s Community Hydrotherapy Pool by the lovely Karen Oldale. I of course graciously accepted this invitation. Upon my visit, I invited a fellow Liberal Democrat to accompany me. Although I had family members that had made use of the pool through their careers; I hadn’t visited myself before. When we arrived we were very warmly welcomed by the whole team and were provided with Lovely Blue Shoe Covers (Ha Ha). We were then taken on a tour by the Lovely Robert and Karen who explained the ins and outs of the pool![…]

Cllr Darren Fower and local residents

Cllr Fower’s Facebook page – “… growing nicely!”

Peterborough Liberal Democrat’s parliamentary candidate for the 2015 General Election, Darren Fower, is inviting local residents who use Facebook, to LIKE his page and leave a comment! Darren’s page – – already has nearly 1500 LIKES and has plenty of videos and images for fans to enjoy. Commenting, Darren said: “The page has been growing nicely and was originally aimed just at residents in South Werrington and North Gunthorpe. But with so many other people throughout the city wanting to have their say on a variety of issues and concerns, I’m now getting NEW likes from people around the whole of Peterborough. “The page is a great place for[…]

Download the My Peterborough app today @PeterboroughCC

Peterborough City Council has launched a smartphone app to make it easier for people to report issues such as potholes and late bin collections. The My Peterborough app will allow residents to report an issue using their smartphones and then be updated on what action is being taken by the council or its partners. The app is being launched with seven categories but will grow to include more and more council services in the future. People can use the app to report potholes, abandoned vehicles, fly-tipping, missed bin collections, damage to play areas, litter and piles of rubbish on private property. They will also be able to send pictures. To[…]

The winner of the best social media is………………….. us! :)

We’d like to congratulate local LIB DEMS who attended this years Liberal Democrat Spring Conference, and especially local councillor, Darren Fower, who collected the award for Best Social Media of the Year – Winner 2014, in York! Darren told us: “I’ve always considered connecting through contemporary modes of communication an essential part of local politics and representation. We were the first political party in Peterborough to create a dedicated website, we were the first political party to have a Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, Pinterest account, presence on LinkedIn etc. I’ve also developed several successful on-line campaigns and sign up forms that have helped enable hundreds of local people[…]

Lib Dem MEP 4 #Peterborough backs universal smartphone charger! @Andrew_Duff_MEP

Soon you will be able to use the same mobile phone charger for any phone (even Apple!) anywhere in Europe. Not only is this more convenient but it will save 51,000 tons of electronics being dumped in the rubbish every year! This has come about thanks to a vote by the Liberal Democrat MEP for this area Andrew Duff and his colleagues. The new rules will mean all manufacturers selling electronics in the EU will be required to make them compatible with a universal charger. Currently most phones use the same Micro USB charger, following a voluntary agreement between the EU and 14 mobile phone manufacturers in 2011 which put pressure on[…]

BRAND new #FOCUS Facebook page for residents of North Werrington

Local residents living in the North Werrington area of Peterborough  can now enjoy the benefits of dedicated Peterborough Liberal Democrat FOCUS Team Facebook page! Following on from the launch of similar pages for neighbouring areas of Werrington South and Walton, local people in North Werrington can now highlight their concerns by sharing a posting or showcase an issue by uploading an image to the page while out and about either byusing their smart phone or home computer. The page is monitored by a new group of local residents who live in the electoral ward, who’ll ensure postings are either passed onto the city council or provide an answer right away or discuss the matter on line. To[…]

Boro Lib Dems Launch BRAND new LOOK website for the city!

Nearly 15 years ago, Peterborough Liberal Democrats became the first ever political party in the city to launch a dedicated local party website. Since then we have continued to punch above our financial weight, by introducing a range of on-line ways to communicate and inform the Peterborough people – at a cost of £0 (while the Tory controlled city council continues to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on propaganda newsletters and their own website). In fairness the other parties have tried to catch us up, launching their own websites, but bless ’em they’re still way behind us! You might LIKE to know that, in a “Doctor Who” manor this[…]

Have YOU visited our Facebook Page?

  If you’re a regular “Facebooker” then why not connect with us on the ever popular social networking site? Our page has steadily grown since its inception last year and the page already “LIKED” by our City Councillors, members of the local Executive and our City’s Lib Dem MEP, you can be sure that anything you share WILL BE seen! Visit the page now by CLICKING HERE!