Cllr Fower told off for tweeting during Full Council meeting!

Council Chamber

This picture was tweeted during the evening by Cllr Fower

Liberal Democrat councillor for South Werrington and North Gunthorpe, Cllr Darren Fower, has received a telling off from Peterborough City Council’s Solicitor to the Council …… for tweeting an image during a break in the last Full Council meeting!

In an email to Darren, the Solicitor to the Council stated, “I have been made aware that [the recent] Council meeting you took photographs in the Council Chamber, and subsequently tweeted them, without informing anyone that you were doing so, or seeking permission.”

The Solicitor to Peterborough City Council then reminded Cllr Darren Fower of the ‘ever so popualr section’, Part 4, Standing Orders Section 3 – Standing Orders which apply to the Council and Committees – 8. PHOTOGRAPHY AND AUDIO/VISUAL RECORDING OF MEETINGS – which states:

"No-one is allowed to take photographs of or record using any audio and/or visual equipment the proceedings in meetings unless permission is given at the meeting."

Commenting, Darren said:

“Its crazy! When I walk to the meetings I’m no doubt filmed by countless CCTV which never asks my permission but captures my image constantly, plus my snaps were taken during a break! My colleagues and I, have long advocated the idea of broadcasting council meetings online, but for some reason the Tories do not like the idea of local taxpayers seeing them in action, I wonder why?

“The Town Hall is paid for by local taxpayers, used on behalf of local taxpayers and quite simply images and views of it should be highly accessible to local tax payers!”

Darren says he will now be asking the Mayor for permission to capture images – when the Chamber is not in session – to share with local people and enable them to see how things work or on some occasions do not work at the Town Hall!