Community Asset – St Georges Hydrotherapy Pool

‘St George’s Community Hydrotherapy Pool is an essential asset to Peterborough’s residents’, Simon Barkham said.

I was invited to visit St Georges Hydrotherapy Pool in Park Ward (Dogsthorpe Road) Peterborough.  As soon as you arrive, it’s easy to see how loved and valued this venue is by so many people.  Everyone who was there had only the best of words to say about their experience and about the treatment they’d received by using the facilities and also about the staff too.

Thomas Booker showed me around the facility and he too, had only good things to say from the perspective of an employee.  I could see that he and the people that use it are very impressed and satisfied with the services provided.  It really is an asset to Peterborough and much needed by many Peterborians.

When you first enter the pool, my initial feeling was of hot water! A bath the size of a pool!  It is lovely to enjoy truly hot water (not kettle water hot!) and a comfortable room temperature to match.  My partner and little people even had the chance to test out the pool too.  Although, I’m not sure getting all the floats and using them to throw at me is exactly what they were designed for….

Hydrotherapy Pools are significant with regards to their healing and regenerative elements.  Many people benefit from this site.  People who have experienced lots of different forms of injury or suffer from different illnesses.  It actually is therapy.  Physical therapy in the sense of freeing your body and releasing it from gravity; the aches on your joints and the ability to move ones limbs because the water temperature is warm enough to create suppleness in the muscles.

Mentally it helps a person be independent again.  It can empower a person to generate strength and exercise in a way that they may otherwise not be able to.  The pool is equipped with lifts; floats, swimming aids and physio therapists are available for specific sessions.

The pool will be relocating to Heltwate School PE1 5FQ by 2020.  The new venue will show host to hopefully even more guests in need with its added capacity.

The St Georges Hydrotherapy Pool team can be reached via this link –