Could UKIP candidate determine Park Ward election in 2015?

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Park Ward, in recent years has become something of a battleground, and one of the results many involved in the local political scene look out for.

For many years, Park ward, a place where the city MP’s ‘local’ property is situated, was considered a safe Tory seat, boasting all three city councillor roles being held by Conservatives.

Then in 2011, Labour successfully turned the table and took a seat, with the Tories taking second spot. In 2012, they came second again, but in 2014, when UKIP fielded a candidate, Labour took their second seat for the area.

Given the closeness in recent years, the question now is what impact will UKIP have on this local election in 2015? We believe it will lead to a reduction in the Tory share of the vote, but as to the outcome, who knows? Let us know what you think by posting a comment below.

Park Ward