Council completes senior management restructure saving £500,000

Corporate Management Team  March 2015

The Council has now announced that  a restructure of Peterborough City Council’s senior management team has now been completed.

The council’s Employment Committee met last Thursday (12 February 2015) and interviewed for the four new posts which form part of the new structure.

As a result, the city council has announced that the following people will take up the new posts from Monday 2 March 2015:

People and Communities structure chart - March 2015

Wendi Ogle-Welbourn has been appointed Corporate Director: People and Communities with a salary of £135,000.

The role is the result of a merger of the three existing director roles of Executive Director of Children’s Services, Executive Director of Adult Social Care and Public Health and Director for Communities, resulting in two fewer directors overall.

  • It carries the statutory roles of Director of Children’s Services and Director of Adult Social Care.
  • The role brings together all services and functions relating to children, adult social care and public health into one directorate so that all commissioning and service provision for children, young
  • people, adults and communities sit together.
  • Wendi will also be responsible for services relating to communities, community safety, youth offending, youth services and services for young people who are not in education, employment or training.

Adrian Chapman has been appointed Service Director: Adult Services and Communities with a salary of £99,000.

  • Adrian will be responsible for commissioning and service provision for all adult and community services including strategic housing, public health delivery, community safety, youth offending and integrated offender management, Adult Social Care commissioning and delivery, community cohesion and social inclusion, community development and the customer experience programme.

Lou Williams has been appointed Service Director: Children’s Services with a salary of £98,000.

Peterborough City Council's new Governance structure chart

Peterborough City Council’s new Governance structure chart

Lou will be responsible for commissioning and service provision for Children’s Services and will also lead on safeguarding. He will be responsible for services which support children and young people in need, on the edge of care and in care/leaving care and associated support services and specialist assessments, children and young people with emotional and mental health difficulties, children and young people with substance misuse difficulties, the Healthy Child programme, children with disabilities and additional needs, children missing from home and care, children who are victims of sexual exploitation, adult and children safeguarding boards, the Multi-agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH), short break services and the secure unit Clare Lodge.

Richard Godfrey has been appointed Assistant Director: Digital Peterborough with a salary of £66,640.

Richard will lead the council’s ICT strategy, which is a key driver to improving council services and making the council more commercial. He will also lead on growing the city’s digital sector to ensure maximum value to the economy of recent investments such as the City Fibre project delivering superfast broadband across the city.

Peterborough City Councils new Growth and Regeneration structure chart.

Peterborough City Councils new Growth and Regeneration structure chart.

Dr Liz Robin has been appointed to the role of Director of Public Health. Dr Robin, who is Director of Public Health for Cambridgeshire County Council, will perform the role of Director of Public Health for Peterborough two days a week, as part of a year’s trial with the county council. The salary for this role is £43,000.

The post carries statutory responsibility for the council’s public health functions including health protection, health improvement and public health advice.

Annette Joyce was confirmed in the role of Service Director: City Services and Communications on a salary of £75,199.

Annette will be responsible for parking and parking enforcement, CCTV, markets, city centre management, events, the tourism and visitor economy, the council’s marketing and communications, licencing, environmental health, trading standards, emergency planning, resilience, health and safety and partnership arrangements with the culture and leisure trust Vivacity.

An external advert is being placed for the position of Assistant Director: Legal and Democratic Services. Employment Committee will agree a salary for this post at a later date.

According to the City Council:

“Each of the salaries was agreed in line with the council’s senior management pay structure which was approved by Employment Committee on 3 February 2014. Council approved the specific salary band for the Corporate Director: People and Communities at its meeting on 28 January 2015.

“In accordance with the council’s pay policy, advice was sort from the Hay Group to independently evaluate the senior manager roles. This included bench-marking pay against other local authorities and not-for-profit organisations. 

“As part of the restructure, two director posts were deleted. Beneath this tier, six posts were deleted and four new posts were created, resulting in two fewer posts.

“Overall, the second phase of the restructure will save more than £500,000 per annum. This is on top of the £1million saving achieved in the first phase implemented from November

2013. This was achieved through a restructure of roles and a move towards the council becoming a commissioning organisation, in particular within the Communities directorate

established at that time. In total, the two phases will save over £1.5million.

Peterborough City Councils new Resources structure chart.

Peterborough City Councils new Resources structure chart.