Cross ward concern for planned housing development on #GunthorpeRoad

The land in question is on the left hand side of the image!

The land in question is on the left hand side of the image!

Lib Dem ward councillor for both Walton and Werrington South, have been contacted about a planning application for several new houses to be built on a small piece of overgrown land at the bottom end of Gunthorpe Road, near the Brookside Methodist Church.

It is early days and apparently the site has not yet been assessed by planning officers but Cllr Nick Sandford, has asked for it to be referred to the Planning Committee.

This means that the application will be debated in public and determined by councillors, and not planning officers.

Nick commented after looking at the plans:

“Residents tell me this site is very boggy at certain times of the year and you can see why… is right next to the Paston Brook.

“That may explain why the land has not been developed in the past and it certainly could put any new houses at risk of flooding.  Personally I don’t think it’s a good place to build houses. But we will have to see what happens when the issue comes to planning committee.”

In the past the land was valued at £300,000! (Source)