Did Park Ward playground politics BACK-FIRE on Labour councillor?


According to a recent report in the Peterborough Telegraph some local parents were “demanding an apology” after a photograph of their children was taken and used without their consent by Peterborough Conservative councillor John Peach, on a Tory Christmas card!

The report said the card, which displayed a picture taken last February, had been delivered to hundreds of homes in the city.

One of the parents was reported as saying, “We did not know anything about this and don’t want the image of our children to be used for Conservative propaganda. My children have been recognised by many people in the community who have now wrongly made the assumption that my family are Conservative Party supporters.”

Since the news came to light, suggestions from within the corridors of the Town Hall, indicate that the motivator for gaining local media attention on this matter, was Park Ward Labour Councillor John Shearman, who subsequently called for the withdrawal of the Christmas card?

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