2 thoughts on “Did YOU know BEDROOM TAX was originally a LABOUR idea!

  • What Nick Clegg said is a lie, unfortunately.

    The ‘size criteria’, which Conservatives use to implicate Labour for having designed the policy for the private sector, weren’t a new creation in 2008 when Labour introduced the (deeply flawed) Local Housing Allowance. In fact, they come from this piece of legislation:


    From the (then Conservative) government of 1989 – the particular size criteria are in Section 3.

    The LHA of 2008 re-used these criteria to some extent for private rented sector tenancies, but crucially they were only applied for new Housing Benefit claims, and were originally intended to curb the Housing Benefit bill by giving a set amount to PRS landlords, whose uncontested rent rises are the actual reason that the housing benefit bill went up by a shocking 70% during the last Labour government. There has been a much smaller rise in social housing rents, and nothing like the increase in the number of people claiming Housing Benefit in social housing as has been seen in the relative explosion of numbers in the private rented sector.

    Furthermore, whilst Nick didn’t address the question he was asked in PMQs – about whether he would apologise for David Cameron lying to the House about ‘disabled people who need a spare room’ being exempt, the truth is that there are many more disabled people in social housing than in the private sector, with more properties having been adapted.

    I don’t expect you to question the facts of bedroom tax though, given that your party has facilitated this most pernicious assault on the most vulnerable people in society. I hope you can balance your conscience against the reality of the hardship now being endured by social tenants, with this glib little video of Nick adding one more lie to those already perpetrated by David Cameron.

    As you were.

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