Sandra Ringler - Dogsthorpe

Sandra is our candidate for Dogsthorpe in the 2021 Local Elections.


I hope you have all kept well whilst enduring this Covid19 situation. 

We are experiencing new times in our societies, we need new solutions for our environment. 

My priority is people's wellbeing and together creating a sustainable community in order to tackle all the issues on the agenda and the ones that this pandemic will leave us with. 

My professional background is within Children's Services - Young People, Communities and Development.  I have worked with many public services across the city for over a decade, which has allowed me to gain knowledge on local policies and regulations, providing me with a good vision of the issues in our community.  That, and the fact that I have lived in the Dogsthope Ward since 1999.

I would like to count on your support for the local elections 2021, so that together we can work towards achieving a sustainable future for our community.

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