Donate to Chris Wiggin's Campaign


I am standing to become the next councillor for Hampton Vale in Peterborough. We have a real chance to make a breakthrough in the ward, take the seat from the Conservatives and with it take away Conservative control of Peterborough.

My local party (Peterborough and Fenland) have agreed to match fund £500 of donations.

To raise my £500, I am undertaking a challenge - instead of going to Spring Conference, I am aiming to do a delivery marathon, walking 26 miles in one day while delivering my entire ward. I don't know if it is possible, but I do know I will give it everything to find out.

Can you sponsor me and can you help me reach my target of £500 to unlock the match funding amount so my team has £1000 to spend in the run in to the local elections on May 2nd?

It will only take 50 people to give £10 each to the target, can you chip in?

This is our best shot of taking this seat and ending Conservative rule on the council in Peterborough, so any donation will be hugely appreciated.

Thank you!

Chris Wiggin

Liberal Democrat Candidate for Hampton Vale

£25.00 raised
GOAL: £1,000.00