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Cllr Christian Hogg

Local Councillor

[email protected] - @christian_138

Jade Seager

2022 Local Elections Candidate

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The Fletton and Stanground Focus Team are excited to announce that experienced local campaigner Jade Seager has been selected as their candidate in May’s council elections. Jade is known to many in the local area as a hardworking community campaigner and has made a great member of the Liberal Democrat Fletton and Stanground team.

Jade has lived in Peterborough all her life. As a local mother Jade understands the issues residents are facing as she faces them too. Commenting Cllr Christian Hogg said: “At a time when the Conservative-run council are cutting services, wasting millions on vanity projects and building on our green spaces we need Jade in the council chamber fighting for us. She has proved that she is the kind of person who will put local people first.

Fletton & Stanground covers the East Fletton and North Stanground areas. Jade, Christian and the local Lib Dem team are active in the area and their contact details are listed above. You can sign up for the Fletton & Stanground newsletter by clicking here.

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