Funbase Imminent Closure

Funbase Gunthorpe Family Centre  is a service placement for day care services, which supports 147 children whilst parents are at work locally and outside the borough, Funbase as been given a extension till the 18th Aug to enable parents to find a suitable placement for their children.

The Local Authority PCC has looked into other options; Gunthorpe School have been unable to assist due to having no capacity while Norwood school is looking at a long term solution for provisions for an “out of school club”.

A number of Local parents at Funbase has formed an “Action Group” with the view to exhaust all options to SAVE OUR FUNBASE. They have raised and collected a Petition containing almost 1000 signatures to Deliver to CEO Gillian Beasley and Wendi Ogle-Welbourn.

A recent meeting held with the Local Authorities included Funbase and it was agreed to extend the closure till the 18th Aug 2017 which will allow parents to access Summer Holiday Care and allow Funbase to vacate the building. by 28th August 2017.  The authorities have confirmed some remedial works needs to be done and to make good any repairs. This will enable the authorities to approve a New Provider in readiness September. I will provide a further update on the future of Funbase.  

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