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  Kevin Tighe

  2021 Local Election Candidate

  [email protected] 



The Hampton and Hempsted Liberal Democrat team are excited to announce that community campaigner Kevin Tighe has been selected again as their candidate in May’s local elections.

Kevin is the Chief Executive of a local agricultural charity, previously he was also a driving force at Vivacity as its Chief Executive for ten years - he knows how to make things work for local people. Kevin said “The Council’s financial performance is woeful, and it is clearly sinking further into the red every day - it has to change and May 6th is the date to start that change.”

Kevin has three young children all in local schools and he is a member of an Academy Trust which manages five schools in the city. He said “If I had to pick one thing that is crucial for the city, my family and your family then it would be education, but is the city getting it right? - I don’t think so. A child’s formative years are crucial and provide the stepping stones for their success and the prosperity of us all. I am passionate about education for all, we can and should be doing better."

Hargate & Hempsted covers the Hargate, Water and Gardens areas of Hampton as well as Hempsted and parts of Orton and Yaxley. Kevin and the local Lib Dem team are active in the area and his contact details are listed above. You can sign up for the Hargate & Hempsted newsletter by clicking here.

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