Independent Group Leader attempts to separate himself from colleague Cllr Swift’s comments!

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It seems that the majority of people in Peterborough are opposed to the Tory controlled City Council’s decision to award significant pay rises to a select few of senior council officers? It also seems that in relation to the issue, there’s now a divide amongst the self titled, Peterborough Independent Forum (PIF) political group on the Council, as their leader, Cllr Harrington, sent out a message to fellow councillors disassociating himself with recent comments made by fellow group member Cllr Swift, during a recent interview on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire. You can listen to the interview below!

After the city councillor for North Ward, member of the Peterborough Independent Forum (PIF) political group on the Council and one of the members of the employment committee who decided to give the pay rise to the senior officers, Cllr Swifts comments went public, a communication was sent out by his group’s leader Cllr David Harrington, who claimed that his comments “….do not speak for, or represent the views of the other members of the group.”

Commenting, Lib Dem, Cllr Darren Fower said, “This simply shows the PIFs really are a mixed bag of nuts! They try and be all things to all people, but in reality some of their members are supporting the ruling Tory administration and their ridiculous decisions! And just who is their groups leader, Cllr Swift or Cllr Harrington?”

One of the more memorable quotes from Cllr Swift, during the interview was this one, “The whole society is sick and you know it!” – given the great work done every week by thousands of local people, this type of comment surely displays a complete detachment from the realities of modern day society?

But, there have been even better quotes from members of the Independent Group members, like for example when the “Independent” councillor for Bretton South, Cllr Fletcher, shouted across the Council Chamber to leader of Peterborough City Council Marco Cereste, that he was still a Conservative and was “More of a Conservative than you [Cereste] ever are!” NB: Definition of Independent, anyone?

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