LATEST North East Urban Safer, Stronger Neighbourhoods meeting @PboroCops


The latest North East Urban Safer, Stronger Neighbourhoods meeting took place on the 8th July, and was held at Paston Ridings Primary School.

The meeting was poorly attended, with just 7 local residents in attendance, from an area population in excess of 24,000, which equates to just 0.02% of local residents!

It was also noted that out of a possible 11 City Councillors covering Gunthorpe, Paston, Werrington and Walton, just 3 city councillors attended.

  • Several issues were discussed, including:
  • Anti-social behaviour at the Werrington skate park
  • Anti-social behaviour at Werrington Centre
  • Problems with motor cycles driving on footpaths
  • Graffiti increase in and around Werrington Meadow

Liberal Democrat city councillor for South Werrington and North Gunthorpe, Darren Fower, who attended the meeting queried what action the police could and would be taking to address the issue of motor cycles using footpaths, and was informed a special meeting was taking place in the next few days between relevant agencies.

Darren also, asked about highlighting the issue of cars congregating near to Dukesmead, Werrington, late at night, causing noise, undertaking hand brake skids etc, driving with loud exhausts and playing music. But, Police Officers said that following a survey of local residents, the issues was no longer seen as a problem, and merely represented a seasonal activity?

Darren also continued his calls for the police to make better use of social media, specifically twitter.

Commenting, Cllr Fower said:

“Over the last few months I read on Twitter about how the police have undertaken patrols regarding motor cycles using pathwaysseizing bikes and some bikes even being scrapped! So quite simply, all I want to see is a similar standard of policing adopted in the Werrington and Gunthorpe areas?

“I was very surprised to hear direct from the police about the matter of congregating cars near to Dukesmead, and how they did not consider it a problem? Even if residents did feel that the noise that residents have told me about were untrue, surely trespass is still a crime?”

After the meeting, Darren also spoke with city council officers, about issues of graffiti and speeding traffic along Gunthorpe Road.

Commenting Darren said:

“The issue speeding along Gunthorpe Road has been one that has gone on for many years. I’ve always been of the opinion that we need to have a proper zebra crossing outside of Norwood School near to the pub.

“Having spoken with officers this evening, it seems that everybody is an agreement. If only because it is very difficult to maintain a crossing patrol officer at the said location.

“It is my opinion that we need a meeting that involves local councillors, the police, road safety officers from the City Council and also the local schools to be involved.

“That way we can discuss the possible solutions to what will only become a greater problem in the coming years as more people travel along this stretch of road.

“Funding is key, however the more groups we get involved and agreeing for the need to have a zebra crossing installed, the greater chance we have of having one put in place and hopefully we can see happen sooner rather than later.”