Leading Lib Dems call for policies to attract green minded voters

The Green Book: New Directions for Liberals in Government

The UK’s green industries already account for almost 10 per cent of GDP and employ close to a million people; they have grown strongly throughout the recession and are expected roughly to halve the UK’s trade deficit.

This document, talks about how to increase living standards, improve quality of life and future-proof the economy, lays out a comprehensive set of proposals for the policies the Liberal Democrats should look to adopt and campaign on to retain and increase support among green-minded voters.

Containing over 150 detailed proposals, the authors identify three big outcomes from the ‘green growth’ approach:

  • a better economy, for all – low carbon, resource efficient and high skill,
  • with a better balance between industry sectors and regions of the country and with government planning for the long term;
  • a ‘war on waste’ – to lower costs for householders, businesses and consumers and generate greater business efficiency;
  • better places to live – with binding targets for clean air and fresh water, greater protection from flooding, and guaranteed green spaces in urban areas.

Detailed proposals include: construction of 1.5 million homes with near-zero energy costs, the effective eradication of fuel poverty, new life-time durability standards for consumer goods, a ‘Sternstyle’ enquiry into resource reduction leading to legally binding efficiency targets, an expanded role for Vince Cable’s new Business Bank and a big shift of power and responsibility devolved to local authorities.

Commenting, Peterborough Liberal Democrat candidate for the 2015 General Election, Darren Fower said:

“The Green Manifesto shows us how we need to build a green economy, because if the economy is not green it will be neither competitive nor successful. I
wholeheartedly support its case that the green approach must lie at the core of the Liberal Democrat appeal at the 2015 election”.

To download or read the full document please visit Cllr Darren Fower’s slideshare account by clicking here!