Lib Dem membership in #Pboro up 50% since end of last year!

Local campaigner, Jelan Stevic (far right), was asked to join the local Labour party, but chose the Lib Dems!

I’m very proud to say that Liberal Democrats in Peterborough have seen a surge in new members over the past 8 months, with over 200+ signed up members now in the city!

This news comes as the Liberal Democrats have reached their highest ever membership nationally, with over 101,768 members!

There are dozens of ways to get involved with the Liberal Democrats.

Did you know …… Over 50,000 members have joined since last year’s EU referendum!

Since I joined the Liberal Democrats 17+ years ago, I’ve seen membership grow by 80% in Peterborough.

Liberal Democrats are the main challengers in Peterborough, providing a strong and united opposition to the Conservative controlled City Council.

Communities here deserve representatives who will fight against cuts to our schools, NHS and social care services.

In Peterborough, more and more people are telling me they are fed up with the Yo-Yo politics that have haunted our city for decades, with Labour and the Tories simply expecting to take turns in running, some may say ruining, this city?

Members and non-members volunteer their time to spread our message, create our policies and fight for fairer communities.