Liberal Democrats would boost support for small businesses

Cllr Julia Davidson has backed a call from Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron who has proposed a series of policies that will help small businesses in Peterborough.

Tim Farron, Liberal Democrats Leader

In a speech called ‘Investing in the future’ Tim Farron  proposed a series of policies, that will benefit small businesses, enterprise and young people in the Peterborough area.

In a direct appeal to small businesses in Peterborough, Tim said Liberal Democrats were now the party of small business, and would help them in three key ways:

1. We would give real teeth to the Small Business Commissioner, such as the power to fine large companies who regularly fail to pay their bills on time.

2. We will press the Government to renew the review of Business Rates that Danny Alexander initiated when he was in the Treasury and which George Osborne has quietly dropped, saving small businesses money.

3. We will be passionate champions of local banking – helping entrepreneurs borrow and invest in their own community.

In addition we propose extra support for new small businesses by providing entrepreneurs with a Start Up Allowance worth £2,600 after they set up their new business.

Cllr Julia Davidson, South Werrington and North Gunthorpe Ward

Cllr Davidson said: “Small business in Peterborough has a voice and a friend in the Liberal Democrats. Business people in Peterborough] tell me that they want to see business rates made fairer. I have been determined to take this message to party leaders and worked to make this happen. Today’s announcement was born in Peterborough.

Party leader Tim Farron added: “The liberal spirit is the entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurs are natural liberals. Dealing with bank lending, improving broadband and cutting business rates are policies that business wants and the Liberal Democrats offer.

“While the Conservatives stand up for big business and Labour have given up any pretence of caring; the Liberal Democrats will offer that voice for small businesses.”

“Our high streets are crying out for help; the Liberal Democrats will offer that assistance and will keep fighting for businesses.”