Local Manifesto Launch – 14th April 2018

Our priorities for Peterborough

1. Give residents a greater say on what happens in their area.

The Lib Dems will make decision making more transparent and transfer powers to new Area Committees. The Lib Dems will scrap the cabinet model of decision making, instead opting for a committee based system giving councillors of all parties greater influence in decision making. We will set up area committees which have meaningful budgets and powers to improve their communities.

2. Fight for more resources for our city

.In recent years, Conservative Chancellors have cut Peterborough’s grant by 78%. The Lib Dems believe that the fight against these cuts should involve doing more than the Conservative’s ‘Stand up for Peterborough’ campaign, which seeks to move around the deck chairs. The Lib Dems will argue that much more money needs to be invested in the vital services local government provides.

3. Tackle fly-tipping, graffiti, dog fouling and littering across our city.

The Lib Dems will establish Prevention and Enforcement Teams to patrol neighbourhood areas, being dedicated to those areas and end the current policy of prioritising the City centre. We will also allow residents to have two free bulk waste collections each year to help reduce the need for fly-tipping.

4. Protect and enhance our environment, reduce waste & tackle climate change.

The Lib Dems are concerned by our Conservative administration’s attitude to protecting and enhancing our environment. The Lib Dems will work to cut waste through reusable water bottle and coffee cup schemes, prevent unnecessary burning of waste by axing the Conservatives unfair and unnecessary Brown Bin Tax and tackle climate change by installing more solar panels on council-owned buildings and cutting CO2 and other dangerous emissions.

5. Improve our roads, pavements and public transport network.

The Lib Dems will increase investment in the bus network, end the Conservatives’ “pothole culture” by finally repairing our roads and explore options for enhancing our rail and cycling infrastructure so that they are fit for the 21st century.

6. Make Peterborough an age friendly city.

The Lib Dems will work to make Peterborough an age friendly city. We will work to tackle barriers to older people living well in our city. As part of this project we will work to improve
public transport, tackle social isolation and improve opportunities for older people to play a full and active part in their communities.

7. Work to scrap SATs and education league tables

The Lib Dems want to end the regime of teachers being forced to “teach to the test” by scrapping SATs at key stage 1 and key stage 2 and education league tables to enable our children to have a better primary school education. We believe that rather than putting unnecessary pressure on 4 to 11 years we should be giving them lessons which will help them fulfil their potential.

8. Reduce crime, antisocial behaviour and speeding in our city.

The Lib Dems will enhance the Prevention and Enforcement Service to cover the whole of the city. We will promote and encourage local communities to establish Speedwatch and Neighbourhood Watch schemes to assist the police at a time when police budgets are being squeezed by central government

9. Tackle Peterborough’s homelessness and affordable housing crisis.

The Lib Dems will work to introduce a new strategy which properly supports the increasing number of homeless people living on the streets of Peterborough. The Lib Dems will also look embark on a programme of affordable house building, either in partnership with existing partners or by establishing a council-owned housing company.

10. Protect our pavements and grass verges

The Lib Dems will invest more capital to protect our grass verges and tackle problem parking including parking on pavements. We will work to engage with local residents on a street by street basis to establish if there is desire for Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) to be put in place to make grass verge and pavement parking illegal.


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